Technical info - Thermal Runaway

Thermal Runaway

Thermal Runaway can best be described as a battery meltdown . It's a phenomenon that in lead acid batteries only find VRLA batteries.

The chemical reaction of the recombination process in a Valve Regulated battery is an exothermic process: it generates heat. When a battery is overcharged in high ambient temperature, the exothermic process will increase the temperature within the battery faster than can be dissipated. The increasing temperature will decrease the charging voltage and at the same time increase charging current. This will increase the battery temperature again and start a self-feeding heat/current cycle that will cause the battery to bulge and eventually melt. There is a risk of explosion by internal short circuit and the presence of large amount of oxyhydrogen.

Thermal Runaway is a problem that is first and foremost caused by the charger, not by the battery.