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VMF traction cells are reputed to be powerful and reliable. They meet DIN/EN 60254 en de IEC 254-2 standards. Options include Air Lift and Topping Up systems to reduce charging and maintenance.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 10PZS1050 2V 1050Ah M10 B00 192x198x511x541
 10PZS1150 2V 1150Ah M10 B00 192x198x545x575
 10PZS1250 2V 1250Ah M10 B00 192x198x570x600
 10PZS1400 2V 1400Ah M10 B00 192x198x685x715
 10PZS1550 2V 1550Ah M10 B00 192x198x720x750
 10PZS600 2V 600Ah M10 B00 192x198x340x370
 10PZS800 2V 800Ah M10 B00 192x198x405x435
 10PZS900 2V 900Ah M10 B00 192x198x475x505
 2PZS120 2V 120Ah M10 B00 47x198x340x370
 2PZS160 2V 160Ah M10 B00 47x198x405x435
 2PZS180 2V 180Ah M10 B00 47x198x475x505
 2PZS210 2V 210Ah M10 B00 47x198x511x541
 2PZS230 2V 230Ah M10 B00 47x198x545x575
 2PZS250 2V 250Ah M10 B00 47x198x570x600
 2PZS280 2V 280Ah M10 B00 47x198x685x715
 2PZS310 2V 310Ah M10 B00 47x198x720x750
 3PZS180 2V 180Ah M10 B00 65x198x340x370
 3PZS240 2V 240Ah M10 B00 65x198x405x435
 3PZS270 2V 270Ah M10 B00 65x198x475x505
 3PZS315 2V 315Ah M10 B00 65x198x511x541
 3PZS345 2V 345Ah M10 B00 65x198x545x575
 3PZS375 2V 375Ah M10 B00 65x198x570x600
 3PZS420 2V 420Ah M10 B00 65x198x685x715
 3PZS465 2V 465Ah M10 B00 65x198x720x750
 4PZS200 2V 200Ah M10 B00 83x198x267x297
 4PZS240 2V 240Ah M10 B00 83x198x340x370
 4PZS320 2V 320Ah M10 B00 83x198x405x435
 4PZS360 2V 360Ah M10 B00 83x198x475x505
 4PZS420 2V 420Ah M10 B00 83x198x511x541
 4PZS460 2V 460Ah M10 B00 83x198x545x575
 4PZS500 2V 500Ah M10 B00 83x198x570x600
 4PZS560 2V 560Ah M10 B00 83x198x685x715
 4PZS620 2V 620Ah M10 B00 83x198x720x750
 5PZS250 2V 250Ah M10 B00 101x198x267x297
 5PZS300 2V 300Ah M10 B00 101x198x340x370
 5PZS400 2V 400Ah M10 B00 101x198x405x435
 5PZS450 2V 450Ah M10 B00 101x198x475x505
 5PZS525 2V 525Ah M10 B00 101x198x511x541
 5PZS575 2V 575Ah M10 B00 101x198x545x575
 5PZS625 2V 625Ah M10 B00 101x198x570x600
 5PZS700 2V 700Ah M10 B00 101x198x685x715
 5PZS775 2V 775Ah M10 B00 101x198x720x750
 6PZS360 2V 360Ah M10 B00 119x198x340x370
 6PZS480 2V 480Ah M10 B00 119x198x405x435
 6PZS540 2V 540Ah M10 B00 119x198x475x505
 6PZS630 2V 630Ah M10 B00 119x198x511x541
 6PZS690 2V 690Ah M10 B00 119x198x545x575
 6PZS750 2V 750Ah M10 B00 119x198x570x600
 6PZS840 2V 840Ah M10 B00 119x198x685x715
 6PZS930 2V 930Ah M10 B00 119x198x720x750
 7PZS1085 2V 1085Ah M10 B00 137x198x720x750
 7PZS350 2V 350Ah M10 B00 137x198x267x297
 7PZS420 2V 420Ah M10 B00 137x198x340x370
 7PZS560 2V 560Ah M10 B00 137x198x405x435
 7PZS630 2V 630Ah M10 B00 137x198x475x505
 7PZS735 2V 735Ah M10 B00 137x198x511x541
 7PZS805 2V 805Ah M10 B00 137x198x545x575
 7PZS875 2V 875Ah M10 B00 137x198x570x600
 7PZS980 2V 980Ah M10 B00 137x198x685x715
 8PZS1000 2V 1000Ah M10 B00 155x198x570x600
 8PZS1120 2V 1120Ah M10 B00 155x198x685x715
 8PZS1240 2V 1240Ah M10 B00 155x198x720x750
 8PZS480 2V 480Ah M10 B00 155x198x340x370
 8PZS640 2V 640Ah M10 B00 155x198x405x435
 8PZS720 2V 720Ah M10 B00 155x198x475x505
 8PZS840 2V 840Ah M10 B00 155x198x511x541
 8PZS920 2V 920Ah M10 B00 155x198x545x575
 9PZS1035 2V 1035Ah M10 B00 174x198x545x575
 9PZS1125 2V 1125Ah M10 B00 174x198x570x600
 9PZS1260 2V 1260Ah M10 B00 174x198x685x715
 9PZS1395 2V 1395Ah M10 B00 174x198x720x750
 9PZS540 2V 540Ah M10 B00 174x198x340x370
 9PZS720 2V 720Ah M10 B00 174x198x405x435
 9PZS810 12V 810Ah M10 B00 174x198x475x505
 9PZS945 2v 945Ah M10 B00 174x198x511x541