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VARTA AGM High Performance
The Powersports AGM range has been updated to new high performance batteries which deliver up to 20% more cold cranking power (compared to conventional) and come with new case sizes for more model coverage. No matter when the next ride starts, this battery gets your customer’s bike back on the street. Because it is supplied with a separate acid pack, it is easy to store.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 512908021 12V 12Ah 210 EN 1 Y4 B00 134x89x166
 512918021 12V 12Ah 210 EN 0 Y4 B00 134x89x166
 518908027 12V 18Ah 270 EN 1 Y4 B00 150x87x161
 518908032 12V 18Ah 320 EN 1 Y4 B00 175x87x154
 518918032 12V 18Ah 320 EN 0 Y4 B00 175x87x154
 521908034 12V 21Ah 340 EN 0 Y4 B00 205x90x164