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AGM Sportline AGM battery is designed for boats or special vehicles (caravan, ambulance, agricultural machine ETC) equipped with a single battery. Its technology provide both energy requirement for starting engine and the proper energy for on board equipment functioning. This battery is maintenance free.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 AGM230 12V 230Ah 1400 EN 3 1 B00 518x276x242
 AGM60 12V 60Ah 680 EN 0 1 B13 242x175x190x190
 AGM70 12V 70Ah 760 EN 0 1 B13 277x174x190x190
 AGM75 12V 75Ah 720 EN 0 1 B01 260x172x200x220
 AGM80 12V 80Ah 850 EN 0 1 B13 315x175x190x190
 AGM95 12V 95Ah 850 EN 0 1 B13 354x175x190x190
 AGM100 12V 100Ah 950 SAE 0 1 B13 330x172x218x242