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Key Specs
Input Voltage: 85-130V, 50-60Hz
Efficiency: ~85%
Power: 13W (Max)
Charging Current: 750mA
Low Voltage Detection: 2V
Back Current Drain: <5mA
Temperature Range: 0ºC to 40ºC
Charger Type: 8-Step Smart Charger
Battery Types: 6V & 12V
Battery Chemistries: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, and AGM
Battery Capacities: 2-30Ah
Housing Protection: IP60
Cooling: Natural Convection



Description Noco Genius Battery Charger 6/12V 0.75A
Dimensions 164x96x102
Pallet 320
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Specification: Manual G750 (991 KB)
Specification: Product sell sheet (2383 KB)


Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet
G1100 Noco Genius Battery Charger 6/12V 1.1A
PL-C001P Powerline Charger 6/12V 1A


Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet
GC003 Noco 12V Male Plug Connector
GC001 Noco Battery Clamp Connector
GC011 Noco Dual Size 12V Male Cigarette Plug
GC004 Noco Extension Cable (10ft)
GC002 Noco Eyelet Terminal Connector
GC008 Noco Eyelet Terminal Connector XL
GC013 Noco Male To Male Couple Connector
GC012 Noco OBDII Vehicle Connector