Consumer - Safety Instructions

Safety instructions

Batteries of a suitable construction are safe in use, provided that they are used with the appropriate expertise and the necessary precautions are taken. For this reason it is important you read the instructions for the installation, charging and maintenance of the battery. A sticker attached to the battery displays a number of symbols drawing attention to the requisite safety precautions. The sticker displays the following symbols:


Keep out of the reach of children.

Explosion hazard

Detonating gas is released while the battery is charging. For this reason inexpert use can result in an explosion hazard. Always charge batteries in a suitably-ventilated area, and avoid sparks and naked flames.

Fire hazard

Keep away from naked flames and sparks. Do not smoke near batteries, and avoid short circuits. Avoid electrostatic discharges.

Corrosive Acid

Battery acid is corrosive. Avoid contact with your skin, eyes, and clothing. On coming into contact with the acid rinse immediately with water. On ingestion drink a copious amount of water; do not induce vomiting! Consult a physician.

Eye protection

Protect your eyes when working with batteries. If acid comes into contact with your eyes rinse with ample water for several minutes. Consult a physician



Follow the directions shown on the battery and stated in the user's instructions for the system in which the battery is used.


The majority of the materials used in the manufacture of this battery are suitable for recycling.


Dispose of defective batteries in the appropriate manner. Never dispose of batteries in a dustbin.