Consumers: Car Battery Disposal Instructions

Used lead acid batteries

Proper car battery disposal isn't just a good idea, it's the law in many communities. You probably already know it's not okay to toss your car battery into the trash, where it may wind up leaking in a landfill and contaminating groundwater with toxic chemicals. It is an offence to dispose of waste batteries by landfill or incineration from 1 January 2010.

If you're tempted to dispose of your car battery in an improper way, remind yourself that the typical car battery is made up more than 10 kilograms pounds of lead and several liters of sulfuric acid. It's a little plastic package of very dangerous chemicals, and it's your responsibility to make sure those chemicals don't harm anyone.

In accordance with requirements stipulated in the 2009 Waste Batteries and Accumulators regulation, vehicle owners can now dispose of their waste automotive and industrial batteries (from electric/hybrid vehicles) free of charge. You our local distributor will acept your old battery, wheter or not you have purchased it with him or will purchase a new one.

Hefra is registered with the Dutch Government as part of an EU-wide initiative to increase battery collection and recycling of automotive and industrial batteries. Our collector registration number is ZH511002.