Over accu's - Onderhoudsvrije lood-antimoon accu EN

To reduce water comsumption and self-discharge, the antimony content of the grid is reduced from 12% to 1-3%. these low-antimony batteries are sometimes called maintenance-free to or DIN43539/2 or EN50342-1. However, the standard.EN50342-1 refers to a low water loss battery when the water consumption is less than 4g/Ah Ce. Low Maintenance battery is therefore the better term, avoiding confusion with sealed maintenance free batteries (MF and VRLA)

Typical characteristics of the lead-antimony battery are:

  • Robust, proven technology that with proper maintenance provides a long service life.
  • Can be produced dry charged, for less transport weight, no safety issues and no self discharge When vacuum-packed, a dry charged battery can be stored several years.
  • Limited shelf life of three months once the battery is filled.

In the trade (low) lead antimony batteries are referred to as PbSb/SbSb, or simply PbSb which means that both the positive and the negative plate type lead-antimony. Pb stands for lead (Latin: plumbum) and SB for antimony (Latin: Stibium)