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Genius chargers are delivered including connectors. To extend the use of these superior chargers a full range of accessories is available.

Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet
 GBC002 Noco Sport Battery Clamp
 GBC007 Boost X-Connect Adapter
 GBC009 Boost SAE Adapter
 GBC012 Noco Boost OBD-II Settings Keeper
 GBC013 Noco Case for GB20/GB40
 GBC014 Noco Case for GB70
 GBC015 Noco Case for GB150
 GBC017 Noco Case for GB50
 GC001 Noco Battery Clamp Connector
 GC002 Noco Eyelet Terminal Connector
 GC003 Noco 12V Male Plug Connector
 GC004 Noco Extension Cable (10ft)
 GC008 Noco Eyelet Terminal Connector XL
 GC009 Noco SAE Adapter
 GC010 Noco 12V Female Plug
 GC012 Noco OBDII Vehicle Connector
 GC013 Noco Male To Male Couple Connector
 GC015 Noco 12V Eyelet Battery Indicator
 GC016 Noco 12V Dashmount Battery Indicator
 GC017 Noco 12V Plug Socket w/ Clamps
 GC018 Noco 12V Plug Socket w/ Eyelets
 GC019 Noco 12V Plug 12' Extension Cable
 GC020 Noco 12V Plug 2-Way Splitter
 GC028 2-Foot XGC Extension Cable
 GC029 8-Foot XGC Extension Cable
 GC032 Noco X-Connect HD Battery Clamp
 GXC005 Noco GX SB50 Anderson Cable
 XGC4 Noco 56W XGC power adapter
Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet