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Cellpower longlife batteries guarantee highly reliable emergency power. The batteries in the CPL series are used for many applications where an extra long life is important.
Examples of long life battery applications are Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), advanced computer databases, telecommunications centers, life support equipment in hospitals, area control centers and security systems. But also on military bases and in the aviation industry Cellpower longlife battery systems take care of smooth functioning of the systems with power failure or sabotage of the normal power supply.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 CPL9-12L 12V 9Ah - 3 F2 B00 151x65x100
 CPL12-12 12V 12Ah - 3 F2 B00 151x98x101
 CPL28-12I 12V 28Ah - 4 M5 B00 167x175x125
 CPL28-12IA 12V 28Ah - 0 M5 B00 165x125x175
 CPL33-12 12V 33Ah - 1 M6 B00 195x130x164
 CPL45-12I 12V 45Ah - 0 M6 B00 197x165x170
 CPL55-12I 12V 55Ah - 1 M6 B00 228x138x210
 CPL65-12IJ 12V 65Ah - 1 M6 B00 350x167x178
 CPL80-12 12V 80Ah - 1 M6 B00 259x168x214
 CPL100-12 12V 100Ah - 1 M6 B00 305x168x213
 CPL150-12 12V 150Ah - 1 M8 B00 485x170x240